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Guitar :: Ratings n Reviews



We've compiled a large selection of ratings n reviews of all major brands and models of guitars and bass's, Just choose the category on the left and you'll find a huge selection of reviews on the guitar or bass your looking for.

Many times by shopping online you can find very very good deals on either a guitar or bass and all the accessories that go with them such as amplifiers, effects and recording equipment.

The buyers guide for both guitar and bass has been compiled from the most reputable and highest discount online music retailers. You'll find ratings n reviews about each of them.

Good shopping on either the guitar or bass your looking for.



Latest Ratings and Reviews:


Samick guitars another good value low priced guitar
I wanted something inexpensive that sounded good more

Santa cruz guitar company produces some of the best guitars made.
The Santa Cruz guitar company only produces about 5 to 600 guitars a year. They are more

The Tacoma Guitars "VS" bracing is a radical advance over traditional acoustic guitar bracing.
They haven't "adjusted" a design from more

Tacoma DM9 - Tacoma offers the hottest line of acoustic guitars in over 25 years. All are made in the U.S.A. and are already the third largest US acoustic guitar more xx

Takamine guitar - The G Series from Takamine guitar has created great controversy. Play a G Series guitar and you're apt to think it's one of the finest acoustic/electrics made. more

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