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Ovation CC057


User review and recommendation of the Ovation CC057


Description: The Ovation CC057 while not made in the USA but rather by their Pacific subsidiary overseas is still an Ovation nonetheless. Like it's USA made brothers the Ovation CC057 shares the same Lyrachord body which give it the unique Ovation sound and light weight while maintaining overall strength.

The Ovation CC057 features a spruce top, super shallow body for easy of play, center soundhole, rosewood finger board, thin line pickup and OP20 electronics. The new OP20 preamp features a 3 band EQ and pre shape circuit for greater tunability. The onboard tuner is easy to use and very handy for quickly tuning the guitar whether during a live performance or just playing at home.

Because of the unique body design there is minimal bracing which in turn produces maximum sound.


The Ovation sound. The sound that made the acoustic guitar a viable electric instrument is now within everyone's reach. The CK057, featuring a center-soundhole and a rosewood fingerboard is built by Ovation's Pacific-based subsidiary. It benefits from the same USA-made Lyrachord body as its more upscale American brothers. The Cc057 features a spruce top, a super-shallow body, Thin-line pickup and OP20 electronics. The all-new OP20 preamp features 3-band EQ and a Pre-Shape circuit for great tonal flexibility. The onboard chromatic tuner is easy to use and helps you stay perfectly in-tune even when using open or non-standard tunings.

Minimal bracing = Maximum Sound
The Celebrity features A-shaped bracing that was perfected over the last few years through a computer modeling process. This technology was once only available in more expensive instruments.

The controlers:
Volume: Adjusts the overall output level of the preamp.
Bass: Increases or reduces low frequency content of the guitar's electrical signal.
Mid: Controls the amount of a broad range of frequencies in the middle of the sound spectrum of the guitar.
Treble: Increases or reduces the high frequency content of the guitar's electrical signal.
EQ In/Out: Engages or bypasses the EQ controls.
Preshape: Engages or bypasses a fixed tone enhancement circuit.
Mid Shift: Moves the center frequency of the midrange control.

Playing the guitar is where it really shines, the sound when plugged in especially is where the Ovation CC057 becomes a great value.



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Ovation CC057